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Our Story

Del Mar Builders specializes in Damage Restoration and Custom Home Design.  When a family experiences a devasting loss such as a house fire, it is our mission to not just restore property but to restore lives!

“In the building profession, the incalculable value of human life demands nothing less than the highest moral considerations.”

Leadership guides employees at Del Mar toward a social responsibility – helping others who’ve experienced an emotional loss.  Top priorities at Del Mar Builders are the needs of our customers, without your complete satisfaction we do not exist!

Our company’s foundation is built on trust.  Don Hudek founded Del Mar Builders 36 years ago.  The story of Del Mar Builders is an interesting one.  Before the company focused on Damage Restoration, Don owned a dry cleaning service.  He built relationships with the community by cleaning their clothes.  The ultimate customer service business!  Clothes represent how one carries him or herself.  Don’s customers trusted him on moral ethics; that he’d provide personal exceptional quality service in a timely manner.  In 1980, Don Hudek started taking care of people at a whole new level.

Del Mar became a Fire and Damage Restoration Company. The new company’s moral ground copied Don’s ethical values; building relationships, earning the customer’s trust and providing exceptional service on a timely basis. The motif of family and treating customers like family carried over to the construction site.

“A job is not done until the customer is satisfied!”

Don passed away in 2013 and left the business to his son, Mike Hudek.  Mike had now experienced two losses in a very short time, the death of his father and the death of his sister.  In times of loss it’s natural to give up, yet Mike’s family values to persevere through loss molded Del Mar’s mission to help others in need.

“To gain trust, we must be believable so that another will have confidence in our ability to keep our word, do our part, and follow through on expectations set.”

A quick response team, accurate estimates, professional craftsmanship and our word makes Del Mar a leader in Fire, Water and Wind Restoration.

Del Mar Builders has become a preferred contractor by insurance companies!  Why is that?  Because we have proven our ability to supply their clients with exceptional customer service. When a homeowner hires us, the client has our whole company working for them.  Systems and procedures have been set into place so that each employee at Del Mar is familiar with each homeowner’s personal restoration needs.  Also, we just don’t have general estimators, each Del Mar inspector is an expert at their field!  Supplied with industry leading estimating software technology our inspectors provide consistent, timely and accurate estimates.  This speeds up the recovery process!  A personal project manager is assigned to each homeowner to guide them through the recovery process, keeping them up to date with building styles and the latest material trends.  Our estimators and project managers will work together with your Insurance company to make sure you gain back what you’ve lost.  We look out for you!

Industry awards and peer recognition is nice, yet what drives Del Mar Builders is each employee’s personal ethical values.  That is what unites our company! We add compassion to each family’s loss and guarantee that we will deliver and follow through – exceeding each homeowner’s expectations.  At the end of the day we at Del Mar each feel good that we have gone above and beyond to deliver exceptional customer service.  Who are we unless we care for others?  We do whatever it takes.  Why?  Because we care!



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  • Better Business Bureau

    Del Mar Builders is an A+ BBB Accredited Company. The BBB helps you find companies you can trust!

  • Contractor Connection

    DMB is a leader of a credentialed network of more than 4,800 contractors specializing in emergency response, general repairs, disaster restoration, and all manner of general residential and commercial restoration work, backed by a 3 year contractor workmanship warranty.

  • National Association of Home Builders

    Del Mar Builders is proud to be a member of a trade association that helps promote the policies that make housing a national priority within the United States.

  • Home Builders Association of Chicago

    Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago – As members DMB supports HBAGC’s mission to assist the housing industry in Chicagoland, the State of Illinois and the Midwest in serving the American Dream of home ownership.

  • The Apartment Building Owners and Managers Association

    ABOMA represents over 600 high-rise and walk-up residential buildings located in the Chicago area, containing over 400,000 units with over 600,000 owners and residences. As supplier members servicing ABOMA, Del Mar Builders facilitates the exchange of ideas regarding the design, construction and restoration of apartments, condominiums and high-rise residential buildings.

  • Home Builder Association of Illinois

    The HBAI is the watchdog for builders, contractors, developers and all those involved in home building across Illinois.



  • HBAGC Gold Key Award (2016) – Excellence in Housing Design
  • Contractor Connection (2016) – #1 Managed Repair Program in Emergency Response Time and Estimate Delivery
  • BBB (2015) – No Complaints Award
  • Contractor Connection (2013) – Golden Hammer Award

Community partners

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To God be the glory for authentic workers who took pride in completing a job and making sure all was well done.

V. Adams - Chicago 2012

I can’t express enough my appreciation for the job that was just completed – on time, on budget and extremely well done.

M. Buckle - Chicago Heights 2015

After the initial shock of what happened, it even became fun re-inventing the house and watching it all come together.

S. O’Dell - Aurora 2006

Former WGN-AM Radio Host, See The House

Micheal “Rahni” Flowers - Chicago 2017

Van Cleef Hair Salon

“Our design was intended to be very modern, with an elegant simplicity. This requires attention to detail and Del Mar Builders provided this, along with great customer service.”

W. Howe – Chicago 2012

“This testimonial is to bring to your attention the outstanding service I received from my project manager and Del Mar Builders. I am very delighted to have had the pleasure of working with Del Mar Builders during this emotional reconstruction of my home.”

J. Foriest – Olympia Fields 2014

“It has been a pleasure to work with the individuals who care about their customers and deliver a high level of Professionalism.”

Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell – Country Club Hills 2007

“The Del Mar team did an awesome job. It is almost unbelievable!”

R. Jennings – Chicago 2014

“On a recommendation from my insurance, I selected Del Mar Builders of Chicago Heights to do the renovations at my house. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and I recommend them to anyone wanting a first-class renovation.”

S. Dominguez – Stickney 2012

“They are with you every step of the way. Incredible staff to work with any time of year.”

M. Latta – Channahon 2012

“After much research, I settle on Del Mar Builders and I am very glad I did. Every single person I called for reference gave glowing recommendations of the company and their employees.”

T. Faulk – Chicago 2013

“My project manager called me daily at my request. I was in Florida and he was very forthcoming on each phase of the job. When I came back to Chicago on Christmas day and saw the work midterm I was pleased with the progress. The restoration was completed on January 25, 2013 on schedule.”

L. Hunt – Darien 2012

“Mostly, I appreciated the support and understanding showed by Del Mar Builders. There were so many decisions that needed to be made. Our new home is the envy of the neighborhood.”

R. Kolkebeck – Park Forest 2013

“Del Mar Builders brought expertise to repair the broken pipes and update a bathroom with quality fixtures. Del Mar Builders employees were reliable and trustworthy. Contact Del Mar Builders today. See what they can do to make your home better.”

T. Nelson – Glenview 2016

“So nice and respectful. So enjoyable to work with.”

J. Duster – Chicago 2016

“Peter helped in invaluable ways, always available and going beyond expectations.”

C. Purnell – Chicago 2016

“Eric, Bob and Petr are a great team. Very knowledgeable and responsive.”

R. Lee – Homewood 2016

“Team members were very courteous and answered all the questions.”

Edie Dobrez – Homewood 2017

Executive Director of Homewood Science Center

“Collaborating with Del Mar was a real pleasure. Kudos to Ryan DeYoung and Eddie Jones on their level of professionalism, sense of urgency, and flexibility with our renovation. Ryan and Eddie made us feel like our project was at the top of their list andthey were on site regularly to check the progress and quality of the crew’s work.”

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A Trusted Insurance Recommended Contractor!



What should my first steps be?

If your home has been damaged or destroyed, you are likely to feel overwhelmed by the loss and by the repair, replace and recovery process that lies ahead. If your property was insured, that insurance policy is the best vehicle to get you back home. If this is your first experience with a large insurance claim, recognize that it’s basically a business negotiation.

When it comes to insurance lingo, laws and construction estimating…you’re not on a level playing field with the experienced insurance company. But although you may be unfamiliar with your policy and the process in general, there are laws and rules that give you rights. Use them to negotiate and recover the full benefits you’re entitled to under the policy you paid for.

Our goal is to help you understand the process and your rights so you can be your own best advocate and know where and how to get help if you need it.

Start by reading your policy’s “declarations page”. It shows how your policy is divided into coverage categories: Dwelling (“Coverage A”), Other Structures (“Coverage B”), Personal Property (“Coverage C”), Loss of Use/Additional Living Expenses (“Coverage D”), as well as other categories such as liability and medical payments. You may also have additional “Endorsements” or extras that may be listed on your declaration page.

Do your best to read your policy over and over until you have a basic understanding of what’s in it. If you don’t have a complete and current copy, ask for one (in writing) and make sure you and the company adjuster are working off the same document. There’s math involved in figuring out how much you’re entitled to for dwelling replacement , debris removal, trees and building code compliance. If you rely only on the company adjuster to calculate your losses, you may leave money on the table. Consider filing a Request for Assistance with the State Department of insurance and/or hiring an experienced and reputable policyholder lawyer or public adjuster to help you.

How can I get a fair claim settlement?

If you’re like most people, your home is your biggest asset. Insurance companies often read their policies with a bias that is too much in their own favor. Don’t accept an insurance company’s calculation of what they owe on your claim without getting other opinions.

You paid good money for insurance benefits and good claim service. Do your best to settle your claim directly with your adjuster/insurer. Try getting help from elected officials, case managers and government agencies. But if you run out of energy or time, or feel you’re over your head, hire qualified professional help. Depending on your particular situation, a construction professional, policyholder attorney or a reputable public adjuster can make a huge difference in getting you back home without further delays and aggravation. But always be careful before hiring anyone or signing contracts. Scam artists prey on disaster victims.

What are the most common post-disaster insurance problems?
  • Not having enough coverage (“underinsured”)
  • Delays
  • Confusion over what’s covered and what’s not
  • “Lowball” estimates and settlement offers
  • The adjuster assigned to the claim is unpleasant or hard to work with
  • Differences of opinion over scopes and values of losses
The insurance company "pricing guidelines" don't match what local contractors are charging?

Computers don’t repair and build homes…licensed contractors do. Your insurance company owes you for what an experienced and reputable contractor would charge you to do the required work to put your home back to its pre-loss condition. Insurance companies use guideline pricing and “Xactimate” (computerized home replacement cost estimating software) to predict how much materials and labor should cost. But an estimate prepared by a qualified local, licensed and bonded contractor who has visited the loss site and reviewed information about the pre-loss structure is generally the most reliable basis for a claim settlement.

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A fire in your home is traumatizing, threatening those who you care for the most. When the alarm sounds the fire department will answer the call with rapid and quick action. When the flames extinguish and the smoke clears, Del Mar’s fire damage restoration team will stand by you with the same decisive response 24/7 365 days a year.

– Within the first 48 hours we will effectively stabilize your facility to ensure the recovery of as much property as possible.

– Acidic soot, smoke damage and dry chemicals from the water used to extinguish the fire will all be neutralized by Del Mar.

– The toxic smoke odor left behind will be deodorized.

After the fire is extinguished your home also experiences water damage. Del Mar will provide water damage restoration services to prevent any further structural damage.

Contents will be evaluated for recovery. Factors such as replacement cost vs. restoration cost and sentimental value will all be taken into consideration.

Del Mar’s fire damage restoration services include: emergency board ups, soot removal, deodorization to remove smoke damage, demolition, and complete reconstruction.


Water is the most destructive substance inside your home. Flooding or excess moisture can cause your house and contents to rapidly fall apart. If the water is unsanitary and clean up service is delayed, the issue becomes very serious.

When prompt intervention is taken within the first 24-36 hours the effects of water damage is greatly reduced. No matter how severe the damage looks, Del Mar’s clean-up and restoration process will produce amazing results.

Where does water damage occur?

– Partition walls

– Sound boarding

– Flooring

– Internal walls

– Insulation

-Suspended ceilings

– Foundations

– Masonry

Del Mar’s water damage restoration team will determine if your property can be restored or if it should be replaced. We examine the amount of property damage, levels of contamination and finally replacement cost vs. restoration cost.


Where there’s water, there could be mold. Del Mar strives to prevent mold growth within hours. Our restoration team carefully and properly removes molds and keeps your family safe.


Did you know the State of Illinois ranks 2nd with the most wind and hail damage? Mother Nature can unleash wind, hail and downed trees leaving major damage to your roof, siding, fence, porch and deck. During the storm, Del Mar’s Emergency Response team can offer services to ensure your safety.  After the storm, Del Mar will estimate the costs to repair and can schedule work to seamlessly restore your home.

When it comes to storm and wind damage Del Mar has rebuilt thousands of homes. Rebuilding means precise expert work as building materials, design and finishes must all be matched to the remaining structure.

Del Mar’s Emergency Storm Damage services include:

– Tarps for roofs

– Tree removal

– Debris removal

– Emergency plumbing

– Emergency heating

– Temporary lighting


Del Mar offers 24/7 commercial reconstruction services for damage caused by fire, water, wind and storms. Our team has the training and equipment needed to restore your business with minimal interruption to your daily operations.



A sump pump fails or a pipe bursts.  Del Mar’s Emergency Team is fast and reliable.  We do not want to see your property get further damaged, nor do we want to see mold set in.


Fire or vandals lead to broken windows and knocked down doors.  Del Mar’s Emergency Team is ready to secure your home and keep you safe 24/7.  Rodents and intruders must be kept out.


Did high winds tear off your shingles and siding?  Water leaks can now ruin your attic and interior walls.  Not anyone with a hammer can just tarp a roof!  Our licensed and experienced emergency team utilizes special trade methods to make sure that tarp will hold and keep water from further damaging your home!


Great care must be taken to protect one and other while cleaning hazardous substances. Even greater care must be taken to ensure that every remnant of a virus, toxin or chemical is decontaminated, sanitized or even removed from the site of a spill – not flushed into public waste or drain systems. Each sample from each project is analyzed in accordance with methods as prescribed by the EPA.


Our certified contents cleaning technicians will carefully pack all of your contents to be cleaned and stored, allowing you to focus on getting your life back to normal. Upon completion of the DPI inventory, all boxes and large items are clearly labeled and moved into our climate-controlled, 24 hour video surveillance storage facility for contents cleaning, deodorization and packing. While many of your belongings may seem beyond repair, our content cleaning and restoration technicians will work with you to evaluate what can be restored.



Remodel your kitchen with new appliances, flooring, stylistic lighting and functional cabinetry. Got space? We make space. Enjoy your family table and outdo your neighbors.


Renovate your bathroom with updated vanities, custom designed showers, surprise yourself with a whirlpool tub. Choose your own materials and create that environment that you’ve envisioned.  A Del Mar Project Manager can inform you of the newest trends or what’s just cool.


Have an old basement that lacks space and isn’t functional?  Let Del Mar help you renovate a once boring room now with class.  Stylistic flooring, upgrade in lighting, fresh paint and a unique ceiling design can all add towards a new flow and feel to relax in.


Enjoy the outdoors not just with a lawn, but with a patio or custom deck that screams your personality.  Home is where the heart is, why not extend it with a fancy fun deck.


A new roof adds value to your home, it also refreshes it’s look.  Save energy while maintaining a safe home!  A Del Mar Project Manager can answer any of your questions regarding shingle design, upgrade in code and flashings.  Our licensed roofers expertly remove and replace your gutters and siding.


An addition is a major undertaking that involves specialized tradespeople. We create and manage an outstanding team to complete your project. Blending an addition, adding space and selecting materials are all keys to our success, actually your success.


Renovate your commercial property to suit your needs and to maximize space efficiency. A healthy looking building will increase the value of your business and attract more customers.

Del Mar has expert experience remodeling schools, churches, restaurants, office spaces, sports facilities, shops, apartments and condominiums.

What is your image and branding? Del Mar always plans to minimize business interruption while constructing. A great looking building makes a great impression!

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We are a restoration company with 35 years of experience restoring and building custom homes.
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